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Make the Commitment
  1. Love. Feel loved and valued.
  2. Prenatal Care. Have access to quality prenatal care, including parenting education.
  3. Health Care. Have access to health care, including mental, behavioral, dental and nutritional care, with emphasis on preventive care.
  4. Assessment and Early Intervention. Receive early and continuous assessment of developmental progress and early intervention.
  5. Early Childhood Education. Have access to quality early childhood education and development involving parents and families as essential partners.
  6. Freedom from Abuse and Neglect. Live in a safe, caring home, free from neglect, physical and mental abuse.
  7. Adequate Income and Support. Live in families that have the opportunity to gain adequate income and support to be the primary providers of love, nurturing, security and stability for their children.
  8. Safe Neighborhoods. Live in a safe neighborhood that provides opportunities to play outside and interact with other children and adults in a clean and healthy environment.
  9. Respect for Others. Develop respect for others, appreciation for diversity, tolerance, and the ability to solve problems constructively.
  10. Sense of Hope. Have a sense of hope, a feeling that they are not alone, a positive connection to their community, and the confidence to explore and discover the possibilities of life.

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