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Quality Education

Goals of the Dimension:

  • All education and development providers provide quality programs.
  • All children have access to affordable, quality early childhood education and development.
  • Education and development is a cooperative venture between parents and providers.

Q&A About Choosing Quality Child Care

This section offers parents guidance about how to begin looking for child care, where to find financial assistance, and how to encourage learning at home.

Kindergarten Readiness Indicators

Not sure if your child is ready to tackle the world of kindergarten? The Kindergarten Readiness Checklist will give you an idea on what areas your child is doing well in, and where they may need some extra attention. It's a good idea to do the checklist, print it out and then work with your child in the areas they need extra help. In a few weeks, do the checklist again to see how much your child has improved.

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